Annotated mid-fidelity wireframes for my UX design project to discover new ways to find food and drink.

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A portfolio of IRVIN FONG'S projects related to user experience design, graphic design, and drawings

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Services to find places to eat or drink are a dime a dozen. However, many have their shortcomings, which led me to want to explore alternatives by improving the search and mapping experience. In addition, surprising hits were exploring by answering questions and discovering places while a feed of photos from local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops.

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As the graphic designer at TAGS (a fashion boutique based in West Hollywood), my main responsibilities were to create artwork for email marketing and the website homepage in addition to creating graphics for the brick and mortar store (see graphic on top of the page or click here).

Seeing the opportunity, I also collaborated with Creative Director Jennie McGuirk to give a makeover through the creation of a branding guide which led to redesigned campaigns and the entire website.

Desiring to stretch my boundaries, I assigned myself the task of creating a mock campaign. Drawing ideas and information from an informative article on titled "The 7 biggest problems facing science, according to 270 scientists", I designed a logo, chose the color scheme, created to potential postcard-size mailers, and mock-up a potential homepage.

International volunteer organization NVDA wanted a redesign of their leaflet. I ended up simplifying various elements, reducing content, and illustrating icons to create with the flyer above.


Illustrated Campus Map of University of California, San Diego

Pandamonium T-shirt Design for Triton Outfitters

Art Nouveau inspired Mermaid with Prismacolor markers

Bear Garden Ice Cream Truck Signage

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